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Quality - Vantagene Understands

As molecular biologists and life scientists ourselves, Vantagene understands the standards and requirements our Life Science customers are demanding in order to complete their line of research work.  Below are some of the key factors we pay close attention to during product development and manufacturing processes.  If we have missed anything that should be added to this list to better our products and services, please let us know.  Vantagene appreciates your feedback and will make every effort to incorporate into our continuous manufacturing improvement program.

Clarity - See through and run experiment with confidence
We understand clarity plays a critical role in the ease of experiments.  The clearer you see through the plastic wall (inside the tube or tip), the easier it is for you to control your experiments.

Clarity before and after autoclaving is one of the challenges many faced today.   Vantagene screens and chooses resin technology that exhibits best of the clarity, durability, and robustness by going through stringent, rigorous and thorough resin screening processes which allow our products to perform better and "look and feel" better. 

Thin Walled - Thermo Resistant PCR products for Optimal Heat transmission

Do you know what temperature is your PCR reaction running at if your current PCR tube is "thick walled"?  How accurately can heat transfer if PCR tube is thick walled?

Vantagene understands accurate heat transmission is the key to successful PCR experiments and thin walled feature has direct correlation to the outcome of the experiments.  When you run your PCR reaction in Thermal Cyclers, the high and low temperature cycles need to be transmitted accurately across the plastic wall and reaching the reagents inside the tube to facilitate the PCR reaction.  Vantagene utilizes state of art injection mould technology that produces thermo resistant thin walled PCR products that are clear and functional.

Ease of Use vs. Leak Proof Designs - Finger Fatigue Friendly Caps
Putting too much stress on your fingers by opening and loosening the caps or injecting tips?  Our moulds are designed to deliver "the right fit" of cap which makes a huge difference at the user level.  Vantagene seeks the proper balance between the tightness and looseness of caps and tips to make sure our products are not too tight nor too loose therefore guarantee your ease of use and leak proof experience.

Reproducibility - What you receive as sample is exact in quality as when place real sizable orders
Your experiments need to be reproducible therefore your life science plastic consumables need to provide the level of consistency.  Many times, the "sample is much better than real order" phenomenon with other competing manufacturer will end up wasting precious research sample and costing more time and money than you can imagine.

Packaging - Three layers of protection (Plastic bagged, Paper boxed, and Shrink wrapped)
Vantagene packages all of our products three layers for sterility and protections of the products.  If your seal is broken upon receipt, please contact us. 

Sterility - "Ready to Perform" E beam sterilized
Vantagene sterile packaged products are electron beam irradiated in an electronically controlled process.  Properly layers of packaging are used to ensure the sterility with each product. 

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