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Quality vs. Price - what's going on in our plastic consumable market today?

End user feedback on competition and market landscape...

High Quality & High Price - "Working with vendor C or vendor A's products would be great, but with the volume of tips and tubes we go through, it would cost big chunk of our budget that could've been saved to do other research..."

Low Quality & Low Price - "My tips from xxxx does not even fit my multipipettor..."  "The tube I received leaks, not only I lost my precious sample but also contaminated my bench and centrifuge..."   "The tip I used 4 out of 10 are not even straight..."  "The tube I used turns foggy after autoclaving..."

High Quality & Competitive Price - "I've been actively searching in the market for years and tried various sample tips and tubes  from various manufacturers, why is it so hard to find the one with good quality and competitive price???" 

The debate is over, Vantagene is your answer for High Quality & Competitive Price plastic consumables

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